When World Renowned Librarian, Nyakno Osso visited Watbridge Hotel Library

by Sammy



By Samuel Udoma

It was indeed momentous when the renowned Librarian and world acclaimed information documenter, Nyaknoabasi Osso visited the Ngugi wa Thiong\'o Guest Library at Watbridge Hotels&Suites, Uyo.

Osso, who made a name at the defunct NewsWatch and later served as Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo on Information and Library Services was in the state to attend the 1st National Book Clubs Conference, hosted by Uyo Book Club and held at Watbridge.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the legendary Librarian paid a visit to the Ngugi wa Thiong\'o Guest Library, a world class reading and resource facility innovated by the top rated hospitality outfit.

Osso, who was accompanied to the facility by the Advisor of Watbridge, Dr Ekong Sampson and a former Newspaper Editor, Sam Akpe caressed through shelves and praised the quality of books and resources available at the Library. He shared book moments and compared notes on the best practices of information documentation.

The Watbridge Library has continued to receive rave reviews from eminent personalities who have visited and used it. The Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government, Dr Emmanuel Ekuwem once hailed it as a \'brilliant addition\', while Abom Tony Esu, a former National Assembly Member, scholar and a renowned arts collector commented about the facility:

\'I have travelled round the world but I have never seen anything like this, a library in a hotel.

Watbridge Library is indeed, first of its kind\'.

The Watbridge Library is opened to both hotel lodgers and members of the public.

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